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We hope you will find your tour of this site quite interesting. The business and the web page are operated by the Acquah family. We hope that you will choose this great opportunity to meet and stay with us when you visit Ghana. Come and experience the Ghanaian hospitality we are famous for!

FACILITIES AND RATE:Fifteen Dollars per night(For A Self Contain Room)

In our home we currently have Twelve (12) bedrooms available for guests. Three of these share a large common area, complete with television and video deck, telephone, and refrigerator, and a common shower and toilet. The other  bedrooms are each self-contained, with televisions, small refrigerators, and private toilet and shower. All of our rooms are well-ventilated by ceiling fans, and a kitchenette is available for cooking. The rooms are all very secure, and we also provide a guard throughout the evening to protect our home. The compound is beautifully landscaped. We are also able to make reservations with other guest houses before or after you complete your stay with us. Your satisfaction is our prime.


We are located in Haatso, a suburb of Accra (Ghana's capital city),along the Atomic-Kwebenya road. Our home is very close to the University of Ghana a 15-minute drive from campus and is in a very peaceful and quiet area, with many great neighbors to meet!


Anyone who chooses to stay with us is regarded as a family member! Because our relations begin when you land at the airport, we pick up all our guests(family members)


Contact: mangoes_homestay@yahoo.com TEL: 233-20-8181272 or 233-24-3161002

The site is still undergoing reconstruction.Visitors to the site should kindly bear with us.
Thank's for your co-operation and understanding.